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The  Full Body Workout

Nordic Walking Pole Benefits

Weight Loss - Improves Posture and helps align the spine - involves more than 90% of the body's muscles - Lowers High Blood Pressure and sugars quickly - Burns 25 - 46% more calories than walking alone - Up to 26% less impact on the knees and hips - Provides better balance and stability.

Nordic Walking Nations Nordic Walking Poles The Best Walking Exercise For Weight Loss

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                       The added Value of Nations’ poles vs. other pole companies includes. Nations’ 3 – Piece Travel Walking Poles :

2 Nations’ Walking Poles – High-Grade Aluminum : 1 Pair of Ergonomic Quick Release Gloves : 1 Nations’ Travel Pole Tote : 2 Pairs of Road Feet : 1 Pair of Trail Feet :

1 Pair of Carbide Tips : 1 Pair of Beach Baskets : 1 Pair of Snow Baskets :

Nordic walking Nations Nordic Walking Poles

         The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Nordic Walking Nations